Mindless Blabber

Thursday, September 18, 2008

so one year later, and I'm still looking for a job... what are some of the fears that are involved? that i won't be able to get a job. that i'll be worth less... worldy/money value-wise... but i guess to Abba, I'm as valuable as it gets!! =)

will i get a job that i love again? will i have to face terrible back-stabbing coworkers... will the job be what i was made for? what i was born for? how will i get a job that's in God's will if i don't even step out and apply for one? i can't just sit here and wait for a job to fall in my lap!!

this is kinda like the debate on divinity vs human responsibility. i guess it's quite clear and simple, just go and do it. but why do i still struggle? why all this fear? WHAT is really the underlying fear here??????

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

wow, so i was reading all my old old blogs... and how pathetic they are! dude, i had such a potty mouth, and i had such hatred for everyone, lived such an ugly and evil life. God help me and redeem my past!! I can't believe some of things that were said... and i was such a whore for comments... hahahhaa. Lord have mercy on this page!!

and it's funny, the things i've been struggling with 3 years ago, i'm still struggling with now... laziness consumes a person... and never lets go... you just get so used to it, so comfortable with it... you just let it take it's own course... sigh... it's 2007, and i'm going to NOT be lazy this year!!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

crud. how come this page doesn't have that Blog This! feature on the top? It does with my other page! I love that feature!!! man, I wanna blog on this page again, but I don't know which topics I should write about... hehehe, any suggestions???

Friday, August 06, 2004

wow! I still have one reader on this page! hahahaha. the one and only... pinky. brings me to tears actually... hahaha. jk. so anyways... I went to the retreat, and it was really really good. Soooo refreshing to hear an intellectual speaker. I wish Ravi would come speak in NY again, he's sooo awesome!

I'm going to Europe next month!!! hURRAHHH!!!

Friday, July 30, 2004

So I see there's a new platform for blogger now... interesting.  you can put pictures and colors and all that, without having to type out html codes manually!  awesome!!  so what's the update... I got a new job again.  and I absolutely love it!!!  I get to travel and act all businessy and important, and work with designers on ideas...  this is purrrfect!!! 
I think the only reason I'm bloggin on this thing is so I have a record of what I do... only for myself, not for others.  maybe i should print it some day?  good idea.  I'm sure no one reads this anyways. 
I'm going to a retreat this weekend... I really need to go to one.  I need Jesus.  hehehe.  I want to learn more, I can't stay on this plateau forever!!!  oye. 
aiite, back to work...

Monday, April 26, 2004

omg, i definitely need to work on #2. pray more. ahh!!! people, pray for me to pray.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004


new year's resolution -

1) not be so lazy
2) pray more and NOT fall asleep at night
3) witness to at least 1 person

SO FAR... all of the above have not been accomplished with great effort. I just fall back into my lazy-comfort and inveigle myself into thinking that I will do it tomorrow.

/on another note.../ I just checked Hyperwest... and I have dropped to a "penny" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! \end note\

Thursday, November 13, 2003

WOW, I just received the longest comment ever!!! I feel sooooo special!
THANKS RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

time for my monthly blog. And I must say, I'm glad Jon hasn't dropped me to the lower tiers yet.... hehe, or should I not have mentioned that?? oops.

So what's new? have you guys ever read aaronkaro ruminations?? they're great! www.aaronkaro.com I wish i can be as brilliant as this man on his ruminations...
let's see, what can I ruminate about...

Why do we need to leave a "voice mail outgoing message"? Not a voicemail message for someone else, but a voice mail message for the callers who can not reach you. I mean, it's basically just one basic message - I'm not here. and I'm sure most people know to leave a message at the tone. So do we need to say, leave a message after the beep? do we need to say I'm not here right now? man, I think I'm going to change my message. I'm not going to have one. I'm just going to have a beep. nah, I'm too lazy to change my outgoing message.

And the "?" - Why do we have to put punctuations in the quotes? It just seems all weird!!! That is why I always put it outside the quotes. Because it's not like it's part of the thing you are quoting. but if you are quoting a sentence, then that makes sense, right?

"Hello, how are you?"
"voice mail outgoing message".
"voice mail outgoing message."

Why do people build faucets so close to the friggin brim of the sink??? That's just retarded. All the water spews out. How does that make sense? Who are these faucet designers???

k, that is all for now... until I can think of other things...

Actually, I have one more thing, why does hair get all messed up when you wake up in the morning? Is it the cotton fabric that is causing me Medusa hair? Anyone tried silk? I think I heard that silk works... interesting.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

damn, I seem to have forgotten about this site... my pride and joy, my baby!! I'm soooo sorry... but Xanga is so much better... hehehe... oops. I wonder if anyone still reads this page... seeing that I haven't blogged on this in forever...

Let's see... I really don't have much to blog about... nothing new with me I guess. okey, I guess that's all for now... just wanted to let everyone know that I'm alive... hahahaha.